School for Creative Startups can help you learn the basic skills to get your business to where you want it to be.


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How it Works

School for Creative Startups helps creative people build viable startups by offering interactive, accessible courses that deliver all the necessary business know-how without the technical gibberish, pesky acronyms or theoretical rhetoric. Our programmes are designed by creative entrepreneurs to teach and empower those with existing creative businesses, who simply wish to grow and improve, as well as, those who dream of turning their part-time hobbies, market-stall businesses or freelance work into a full-time way of life. Having a family, a full time day job or a learning disability should not stop you from realising your business’s full potential. Don’t worry about what you currently don’t know or can’t do; we’re here to help with all that. Running across 9 months, this part-time programme provides you with 13 full days of in depth live training and activities covering everything you need to know to get your startup going and growing. The course includes: