What makes us unique?

At School for Creative Startups we believe that business isn’t just for dragons! Our live, interactive training and support courses are designed specifically for creatives with the simple goal to demystify unnecessarily complex business theory and provide a practical, accessible approach to learning entrepreneurship.

What’s our ethos?

We are a social purpose organisation with a mission to design and deliver effective, innovative education solutions for the creative community. As such we’ve spent the last four years developing ground-breaking training courses, helpful products, funding initiatives and hands-on support networks, which have helped over 400 entrepreneurs across the UK achieve success.

Who’s our audience?

Our courses are designed to teach and empower aspiring creative entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors and backgrounds, including those with existing creative businesses wishing to grow and improve them, as well as, those who dream of turning their part-time hobbies, market-stall businesses or freelance work into a full-time, profitable businesses.