Thanks for your interest in S4CS. We are not currently accepting applications. Click on the apply now button to leave your email address and we will notify you when applications reopen in the new year.

The Application process:

It’s pretty similar to applying to University actually.

Simply fill in a form online telling us all about you and your business idea. Don’t forget to include images of yourself and, if applicable, your product. You’ll also need a references from a friend or associate.

Once your application has been reviewed you may be invited for an interview with our selection panel. Following interviews applicants will be notified as to the status of their application.

Paying for the course:

The programme costs either £3000 for full tuition or £600 subsidised rate (including VAT). We understand that not everyone can afford the full tuition, so we offer sponsored places at a reduced rate.  There will be a place on your application for you to make a case for support.

You will pay once you have been accepted into the programme.

Selection criteria

To be considered for a place on the School for Creative Startups programme, applicants need to have a creative skill and the desire and dedication to turn that skill into a business. Applications will be judged based on the following criteria:

The quality, uniqueness and innovation of the creative product or service

The likelihood of the business idea becoming sustainable

The need and commitment of the startup

The combined quality of the application and interview

Professional partners

I’m starting this company with my friend, can we both attend? if so do we have to pay twice?

Professional partners and artistic collaborators may attend the School for Creative Startups course together. If you wish to apply as a team of people please fill out one group application completely.  The second and third person may attend for 50% of the initial fee, regardless of whether it is sponsored or not. 

Every partner in the business is expected to attend classes.

If I don’t get in can I apply again?

Absolutely. In fact we encourage it. There can be a huge variety of reasons why your application wasn’t accepted in a given year. Don’t let it stop you from applying again as things change year to year.