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Director – Medeia Cohan named Uk’s Top Business Woman

We’ve asked some of the UK’s top business leaders to name the women who have had the biggest impact on their personal values and management style. Who has inspired them and influenced the way they approach their own leadership challenges?

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Daily Mail – ‘Made In’ label featuring Pip Howeson

The prized Made in Britain label is currently under review, igniting fears that some of Britain’s best-loved manufacturers may lose the coveted stamp of authenticity.

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U.K. believes in the economic power of arts startups

The presence of vibrant creative industries in Britain was one reason that Mr. Richard relocated there in 2001 after a career in California that included founding and selling two technology startups. “London is home to some of the best design and art schools in the world. They produce so much talent, but no one was tapping that.”

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How to Start a Creative Business – Review

Starting a business can be quite frightening. The failure rate is extremely high for new ventures. For the creative types, business terms and concepts seem like a foreign language.


S4CS Students – Overcoming hurdles and setbacks

New business owners often feel like every hurdle and setback they endure is yet another sign that they shouldn’t be running a business at all. The truth is that running a good business means facing new challenges every day…

Running in Heels

Running In Heels – Meet S4CS

Creativity and business don’t mix, right? Wrong. There’s absolutely no reason why creatives can’t become a financial and commercial success – and the School for Creative Startups is one way of turnng your brilliant idea into a business that makes you money.


‘How To Start A Creative Business’ Book release Interview

This month I’m excited to announce the launch of our new book, entitled How to Start a Creative Business: The jargon-free guide for creative entrepreneurs,by Doug Richard.


CraftSeller – Behind the scenes Showcase interview with one of our students

Thanks for stopping by, Holly, start by telling us a bit about what you do.
I am an illustrator and designer, I create handcrafted illustrations, incorporating paper cuts and hand drawn elements to produce simple, quirky and iconic wall art, greeting cards and homeware.


Meet the Titans – Three of our Titans share their mentor experiences

Co-founder of, Holly Tucker, was searching for a mentor who shared her vision for the company. In NOTHS board member Mark Esiri, she found support and encouragement, as well as invaluable advice from someone with a very different, but complementary, set of skills to her own.

Medeia Cohan of School for Creative Startups reveals how a creative mentor can fast-track your business to success

Medeia Cohan is Programme Director at School for Creative Startups, “I
“Twenty years later, not too much has changed. I don’t need kissing advice anymore but my relationship with my sister is still very important to me. The big difference now is that I also seek advice from people outside my immediate family; I now look to a mentor for professional guidance…

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School for Creative Startups – a unique social enterprise – Guardian

School for Creative Startups is a unique social enterprise established by serial entrepreneur and former Dragons’ Den investor Doug Richard in 2011.


School for Creative Start-ups teaches business know-how to creatives – Magnifeco

The London School for Creative Start-ups teaches aspiring entrepreneurs in the creative sector all they need to know by giving them just core facts. The yearlong program – named “MBA for creatives” by the British Vogue – offers a series of tailor-made, very hands-on workshops free from acronyms and theory on how to successfully start and run a business.


An Interview with Medeia Cohan of School for Creative Startups

Medeia Cohan is the creative director for the school of creative startups, an offshoot of Doug Richard’s original School for Startups; borne with the mindset that entrepreneurship can be taught or at least nurtured.


The Joy of Ex and Self Employment Too…

Anyone who has been through a divorce knows that more often than not it is a pretty stressful process. One person who knows just that is Sally Beerworth.

Students performed an exercise during a session at the School for Creative Start-ups.

A Crash Business Course for Artistic Types

Last week Mr. Thompson and about 90 other fledgling entrepreneurs went through three days of “boot camp” at the School for Creative Startups, a social enterprise whose yearlong program is designed to teach artists, designers and artisans how to set up and run successful businesses in order to make a living from their craft.


How To Start A Creative Business: School For Creative Startups

We love to feature great start-ups and sharer with you insights on how they did it, to inspire you to maybe take action, too. So it’s no wonder that we had to learn more about the School for Creative Start-ups in London, a social enterprise dedicated to demystifying the seemingly complex business systems for creative people.


10 Tips to Help Designers Beat the Recession

Doug Richard of School for Startups and Dragons Den fame guest writes for Startacus with some handy tips for designers to beat the recession


Magic is cool, just ask Simon Coronel

Whether it’s Barney from How I Met Your Mother shooting fireballs to get a girls number, or ‘Dynamo’ pulling a Jesus and walking across the Thames, magic is back!


How to turn a lightbulb into cash: School teaches creative types hard-nosed financial nous

Are you full of good ideas but devoid of business sense? Ideas are free but making money from them can be a huge struggle for Britain’s artists, designers and masters of crafts. Businesses spend millions on consultants and motivational speakers to make their suits more creative and, to use that dreadful phrase, think outside the box. But if you’re the one making the suits or the boxes, and spreadsheets make your brain ache, who’s going to show you how to turn creativity into cash?


Business Connections: Startups gain good tips for hard times from top entrepreneurs

London’s entrepreneurs picked up vital tips on thriving in a downturn from three experienced speakers at last night’s Business Connections event.


Creative Director – School for Creative Startups

I run the The School for Creative Startups (S4CS), which is a yearlong programme designed to teach creative people of any age or experience level how to make a living from their craft. The company was founded by Doug Richard (of Dragons Den fame) who is a well-respected angel investor and a seasoned entrepreneur. We’ve built the programme on the idea that it’s much easier (and a lot more fun) to teach creative people business skills than it is to teach business people to be creative.

Our curriculum is jargon free and very visual and interactive.



Two leading entrepreneurs share their tips


Angels to help UK’s creative start-ups to spread wings

Doug Richard, the Government adviser and former Dragons’ Den star, is preparing an angel investment network that will back “neglected” creative sector start-ups that he says have been largely ignored by investors.


Imitating Silicon Valley is ‘pointless’ says former Dragon

Doug Richard, who is launching a training and mentoring scheme for London’s creative sector start-ups, says Silicon Roundabout “misses the point” – and that lending can be boosted for “small businesses until you’re blue in the face” without creating jobs.



IT is no fluke that Britain’s young, creative businesses are concentrated in London. Two out of three international advertising agencies have their European headquarters in the capital. It is the home of one of the largest film centres in the world, some of the largest and most important fashion schools, design schools, stage schools and post-production centres, not to mention the growing number of web design and digital specialists that are spreading over the capital.


Anthropologie Hops on the Collaboration Bandwagon; Kate Upton Got a ‘Be Sexy’ Brief for Her New DirecTV Ad But Just Looks Rather Bored

Anya Hindmarch and Net-a-Porter’s Natalie Massenet will run “MBA [courses] for creatives” as part of a new British furthered-education venture, the School for Creative Startups.

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From business basics to begging, borrowing and stealing, programme director Medeia Cohan-Petrolino introduces S4CS

The School for Creative Startups (S4CS) is a year long programme designed to teach creative people of any age or experience level how to make a living from their craft. We’ve built the programme on the idea that it’s much easier (and a lot more fun) to teach creative people business skills than it is to teach business people to be creative.


Minister leads call for more business mentors

Business and Enterprise Minister Mark Prisk is today leading the call for more organisations to sign up to the Mentorsme portal and join the national mentoring network.


Clash of the Creative Titans

The London-based School for Creative Startups has received a pledge of support from some of the UK’s most influential business owners, including Anya Hindmarch, NET-A-PORTER.COM founder Natalie Massenet and Time Out Chairman, Tony Elliott.

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Back to School: Hands up for creative crash courses

Then the School for Creative Startups piped up about a partnership with fash entrepreneurs Anya Hindmarch and Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet – a year long mentoring course that promises to provide creatives with the ultimate survival kit of business skills (yes please!).


Creative Education

ANYA HINDMARCH and NET-A-PORTER.COM founder Natalie Massenet are pledging their support for rising entrepreneurs by partnering with the School for Creative Startups – a new project founded by Dragon’s Den investor Doug Richard


It’s time to think creatively about growth in the UK

WITH Britain said to be back in recession after four years of economic turmoil, it’s time we had a creative rethink.


Anya Hindmarch is Veuve Clicquot’s Business Woman of the Year

According to an interview with the Daily Mail, Hindmarch is helping support other entrepreneurs by partnering in the School for Creative Startups, founded by Dragon’s Den investor Doug Richard, which “will run workshops and year-long courses across fashion, design, performing arts and digital industries.”


Check out what our Class of 2012 say about the S4CS programme

Find out what our graduating students of 2012 thought of their year on the School for Creative Startups Programme


‘Margaret Thatcher is my my inspiration’: Designer Anya Hindmarch reveals admiration for Iron lady as she is crowned businesswoman of the year

British handbag designer Anya Hindmarch has been named Veuve Clicquot’s businesswoman of the year.

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UK’s Creative Titans join forces with School for Creative Startups to give entrepreneurs a boost

Doug Richard’s School for Creative Startups announces a new partnership with a network of the UK’s
leading creative entrepreneurs.