School for Creative Startups is an education and support programme designed by creative entrepreneurs to empower those with creative skills and ambition to start their own businesses.

This programme is for every creative person out there wishing they could turn their part time hobby into a full time way of life, but lacks the confidence or business acumen to fulfill their dreams.

Having a child, a full time day job, or a learning disability should not stop you from chasing your dreams, and we want to help you achieve them now. Don’t worry about what you don’t know or can’t do; we’ll help you work through that stuff.


Running across an academic year from September through May, this part time programme provides you with 12 full days of teaching covering everything you need to know to get your startup going and growing.

Wrapped around the training sessions is as much one to one staff support as you need, delivered at a time that works for you- not to mention all the peer support you’ll receive from the network of classmates you’ll quickly develop.

You’ll also have access to our utterly vast online community, which houses thousands of relevant articles, e-learning sessions, discussion boards, templates, an events calendar, offers, discounts and every training session recorded to revisit at your leisure.

We also have an amazing network of advisors called the Titans of Industry who are available for sector specific advice, to help you tackle those tough to solve challenges.

The course culminates in May with the end of year Makegood Festival where students realise pop up shops for press, buyers, investors, VIPS and the public, putting all that they’ve learnt to the test.

It’s a pretty mega package all in!