Guide to Writing an Executive Summary – Nancy Fulton

The first step to creating an executive summary for your business is to write a business plan. A good business plan documents the following:


How to Find and Work with a Mentor

The truth is, mentors can be found almost anywhere.

Handling Requests for Favors & Freebies in Social Situations

From Doctors to Architects, from Artists to Car Mechanics, everyone who provides services for a living has friends that ask for expensive favors and members of professional and personal networks that make saying “No” awkward.


Featured Entrepreneur: Jim Rokos

Rokos creates playful, functional, sculptural products, that behave in unexpected ways. The products encourage a rich interactive experience.


Featured Entrepreneur: Tina Crawford of TobyBoo

My name is Tina Crawford and I’m founder of Tobyboo. We bring beautiful, traditional, finely made gifts into your home that stem from original embroidered artwork.


Featured Entrepreneur: Nanna Sandom of Splendid Stitches

I am Nanna Sandom and I run Splendid Stitches, a company specializing in repairing, restoring and altering vintage clothes.


Featured Entrepreneur: Louise Hollamby Founder of Scorched Spoon Productions Ltd.

My name is Louise Hollamby and my background is as an actress, singer and composer.


Featured Entrepreneur: Carolina Gomez-Aubert, Founder of Lunamano

My name is Carolina Gomez-Aubert and I am founder of Lunamano.


Featured Entrepreneur: Ugonna Hosten of Ugo’s Boutique

At UGO we offer vibrant oilcloth bags made from traditional African fabrics which are beautifully handmade in the UK.

Every startup needs an advantage: what’s special about you?

To be successful, your startup needs to offer a benefit to people that they need or want. In every case the benefit you want to deliver to people has been met by some other product or service before you came along.


Will your new business succeed? Here’s how to find out…

If you are starting to wonder if the business you want to start is likely to succeed, or if the one you’ve already started has what it takes to survive, here are some questions to ask yourself.