A key difference between art college and S4CS is that at college, the coursework is academic and our results effect our grade, but the subject of S4CS is our own business and so successes have very real consequences.

Jim Rokos

“I really feel that S4CS has given me so much confidence and encouragement and this has help me get my business of the ground much quicker than if i was going it alone. I think it is a fantastic program and much needed in the creative sector. I feel honoured to have the opportunity to be involved.”

Emma Rampton

“S4CS is an excellent course, with great trainers and amazing talented students with which to share the brave, exciting journey of starting a creative business. I absolutely loved being a part of it and have learnt a lot of valuable information from the best and most inspirational entrepreneurs around. Thank you team S4CS!”

Hajera Memon

“I have always wanted to enjoy building my business and School for Creative Startups has allowed me to do this for the 1st time. Most importantly however, if School for Creative Startups existed two years ago I would have saved myself £15 000 in mistakes”

Mohammed Jamal

The 10 questions exercise during Bootcamp was really helpful because it refined our business idea and made us set some short and long term goals. The feedback from the other members that are not in the same area are really useful.

Aline Yin Tsen Lau

Overall School for Startups has a practical, interactive, attitude toward teaching that is very unconventional. I think others teaching entrepreneurs should really take a page out of S4CS’s book and adopt some of their techniques. It’s all so simply put together. No jargon and terms only understood by insiders, just plain hands-on knowledge that actually impacts the student’s business plans by making everything easier.

Eve Anna Liszczyk

“Following a really well-received pitch to Mary Portas and her team at House of Fraser, I called the buyer, because I thought they’d gone cold, but when we spoke she said that they had no questions from me as my pricing and terms were covered unlike some designers—so thank you S4CS! If I wasn’t on the course I’d never have been able to do this.”

Tina Crawford

“The programme has literally changed me from an event producer into a business director. I think completely differently. I am confident. I can create more opportunity and growth.

It makes me feel not alone and instead part of a group of talented and dynamic business owners. Some I know I will work with for a long time.”

Jane Morley

S4CS made us more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of our business and improvements we can make and emphasised the strong points and the impact that they will make on our business.

Vasso Asfi

The showcase at the end of the program was a fantastic way to see if my business really had legs and also to learn how I can improve what I sell so its even easier to sell in the months and years to come. I am looking forward to watching my company go from strength to strength with all the important pieces of information and new skills I’ve acquired.

Madeleine St. Claire